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Here's what to expect...

Hello and welcome to my brand new newsletter, The Freelance Parent. I’m so glad you’ve signed up and hope that you’ll enjoy my weekly email popping into your inbox. So what’s it all about and what can you expect?

First of all, for those that don’t know me all that well, I’m Cat – a freelance writer based in London. After working in the glamorous yet not-that-well-paid world of luxury fashion for over a decade, I decided to go freelance four years ago. I was thinking about trying for a baby and knew my current role wouldn’t allow me that much flexibility.

I hired lots of freelancers as a managing editor and felt a tiny pang of jealousy every time I signed off their invoice. They were earning the same (if not more than me as an editor) with far less experience, and all without the stress of managing a team. I envied their flexibility and freedom and wanted to change my life. It was here that my business brain kicked in and I realised that the way I was working didn’t make that much sense. I hated the corporate life and hated moaning about my job even more.

So, after A LOT of deliberation and preparation, I made the leap. My manager told me it was a mistake and that I wouldn’t earn much money and the climate was tough. Little did she know that I was already earning my full-time salary with freelance gigs that I’d slowly built up on the side.

It was, and still is, the best decision I’ve ever made. I now have a nearly two-year-old son and I can’t imagine working any other way. Working for myself has allowed me to double my previous salary, work with clients and publications I always dreamed of and become a generally happier person. I now also have the freedom to go to the cinema on a Tuesday afternoon if I so desire ,and enjoy time with my son without having to pay for full-time childcare.

Of course, not every day is easy and working for yourself is not without its challenges. That’s why my aim with this newsletter is to share my experiences, offer my advice on everything from preparing to go freelance, diversifying your income and client base, knowing your rights when it comes to flexible working, planning your maternity/paternity leave and making decisions on childcare. There will be more general content too for those readers who don’t have children, but I’ll reveal more of that later.

I also want to create a community and would love to hear from you on how you’re finding the current lockdown situation. Are you tearing your hair out with home schooling or treasuring every second of precious family time?

So stay tuned and thanks again for your support and let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for specific topics you’d like me to cover. I’d also appreciate it if you could share the news of my newsletter with friends or colleagues that you think it may help.

I’ll be publishing every Monday morning so look out for my next newsletter then and mark it as safe in your inbox.

Cat x